The Epic Remade

So, recently an idea emerged from a corner of someone’s brilliant mind. This epic is not only a story but also a true testament to the level of mental development of the society in our country’s past.

And just for the record, no other country has more versions of religion. With that fact established, I salute the sheer endeavor by the society of the country in preserving these documents and hymns.

Now I move on to a question for all of you. Which was the best adaptation of the epic that you remember?

Okay! multiple choice question. Even you have only ever seen a single adaptation or part of this epic then which was it?

My mind immediately goes back to the one and only true adaptation of this epic. And even just the series was an epic in its own right. Now think about it, it has been 28 years and a few months since the last great adaptation of this epic happened. For years millions of families of this country tuned into the world of this epic, this would be those moments in life when irrespective of what caste or religion you were you would know about this show without having anything to really hate about it.

Don’t you think, for too long now the nation has been striving to be reminded of this glorious epic? The youngest portion of our society has now fallen too far away from the last great adaptation.

Now I’m sure some might have already started to scroll down to the bottom of the page just to see which religion I belong to. Well, that’s pretty clear isn’t? But being from one religion, I still enjoy another epic from the other religion, remember the one in which there were stories of a thousand nights and one more.

It’s been quite a long time since that one as well. My request there to anyone out there to take on the challenge.

And my answer to those few from either side of the religious divide, think about what are we denying our children off. The gap will only grow wider if that be the case. Here’s hoping that at least one epic is remade. Also hoping to mend the fracture in the fabric of our society.

Main Samay Hoon!


Author: Toorjo Sengupta

Not just another fan of the epic: Abhishek Sharma


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