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Now In Memories only…

Breaking our own rule of not naming anyone, today we at Indulgent India deeply mourn the passing away of Sri Vinod Khanna. A man among men. A man whom a whole generation grew up idolizing. He lived 70 short years. Will be in our hearts for hundreds of long ones.
Only a horrible illness would befall one of the great redwood trees of Bollywood. Time flew by, but it always felt as if he would never leave us. Falling short of words but flooded by memories.
Rest in Peace.
Author: Toorjo Sengupta
Along with: Abhishek Sharma

Spare A Thought_Version Infinity

“98 years have passed”.

That’s exactly how any other article would have started, if this would have been just another article.

Lets talk about the human impact. Not numbers! there are many other article available if you need numbers. Just the sheer loss of life. Imagine knowing, in your locality, may be just around the corner an incident yesterday where most of the friends you knew are no longer today. “Peace To The Lost”

I’d like you to, for once, imagine the heavy atmosphere and try to breathe in it knowing very well that every other human being you pass and as soon as you meet their eye, you stir up a story that you’d rather be a thing of the past.

Imagine knowing that one shall always be known as the oppressor and the other as the inflicted. Imagine the weight of opinions on their families on both sides.

Don’t be naive enough to think that all of this is now a thing of the past. Jallianwala Bagh is happening everyday. The story may be different on another article but the message is still the same on the most. Loss of Life!

And I thought, I would’nt start this article with;  “98 years have passed”. They indeed have. One may or may not owe reparations. #SashiTharoor

But never forget, those lost and impacted by this tragedy on boths sides.


Author: Toorjo Sengupta

Feelings Shared By: Abhishek Sharma